HootSuite delivers a post-Halloween treat with Promoted Products update

As Twitter progresses with its Promoted Products, Vancouver-based HootSuite—its first partner involved in the program—has announced a host of mini news updates to satisfy those curious as to the evolution of this development. Among them:

  • HootSuite and Twitter will work together to gauge reaction and tune the user experience
  • Twitter and HootSuite will share revenue from the Promoted Products
  • HootSuite Pro account holders can opt-out of seeing any Promoted Content if they choose
  • Promoted Tweets aim to resonate with users who will see messages relevant to their interests
  • Users have engaged with Promoted Products on Twitter at rates that far exceed typical forms of online advertising

hootsuite“HootSuite proudly provides a unique, high-quality user experience for our enthusiastic customer base,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite says. “By partnering with Twitter on Promoted Tweets, we add another way of monetizing this compelling experience. We’re looking forward to working with Twitter to roll this program out and carefully gauge people’s reaction. With Twitter’s commitment to quality user experience and ad relevance, we’re confident these new types of Tweets will be a great success for both users and advertisers.”

As we have done since the beginning of our Promoted product efforts, Twitter is taking a deliberate and thoughtful approach to this test,” reads Twitter’s blog. “We’re carefully looking at how Twitter users react to and engage with Promoted Tweets in the timeline. We want to display Promoted Tweets in a way that’s both useful and authentic to the Twitter experience.”