HootSuite joins the HTML5 bandwagon

If it seems as if we’re covering every update to Vancouver produced Twitter client HootSuite, it’s because we are.  The fact is that each recent update of HootSuite has warranted coverage, as the boys and girls in the Owl-Cave have been working to add a host of new features to each and every revision.  Released overnight the latest version of HootSuite, called HootSuite5, ads in support for HTML5 which allows for a number of new goodies that include:

  • geo-location tweet searching
  • new themes
  • new Facebook features
  • choice between new and old style re-tweets
  • connection to Google Analytics
  • drag and drop editing

While HootSuite is not for the casual Twitter user, it remains the best professional level social media tool available on the internet.  If you are managing a brand online and not using HootSuite to run that brand’s associated Twitter account you might as well be going into work drunk.

If you can’t tell I kind of think HootSuite is the bees’ knees.