HootSuite Labs Launches to Accelerate Digital Innovation

HootSuite announced this morning the formal launch of skunkworks project HootSuite Labs. 

With origins as a ‘startup within a startup’, HootSuite Labs promises to “explore emerging digital technologies and engage with HootSuite’s early adopters and select customers to shape the future of social media and digital marketing.”

“HootSuite has established itself as the leading social relationship platform because of its ability to innovate,” says Matt Switzer, HootSuite’s vice president of partnerships and corporate development. “HootSuite Labs aims to extend our customers an unfair business advantage through accelerated innovation and customer-centric development.”

Key areas of focus for HootSuite Labs include:

  • Developing disruptive products that provide customers with the tools and edge to win against the competition;
  • Experimenting with emerging technologies for future innovation;
  • Promoting lean innovation through events such as hackathons, design sprints and workshops.

“We’re bringing together world-class designers, developers and product people to make the future of social media a reality,” says Michael Tippett, HootSuite’s director of new products. “We’re lean, agile, disruptive and world-changing. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”