HootSuite Launches Conversations to Enable Real-time Internal Communication Within Dashboard

Vancouver’s HootSuite has released a beta version of HootSuite Conversations. This new product is built on top of HootSuite Teams functionality and the Canadian startup says it’s “the first tool to empower teams to simplify communication around social media messages, have internal conversations with external engagement, and collaborate with everyone using real-time chat.”

Conversations is free and available immediately to all users.

“Conversations is built on top of HootSuite Teams which helps visualize the organizational structure of work groups in your business. Conversations will increase efficiency between teams or departments and ultimately improve ROI,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “Now, true social collaboration can happen around campaigns or trending topics that impact business immediately.”

HootSuite is looking to replace email with Conversations for a lot of folks, stating that this new service “gets the social conversation out of your inbox, eliminating time-consuming email threads.” And for those working within the HootSuite dashboard for much of the workday, Conversations allows users to communicate with their team without ever leaving the dashboard.