HootSuite Launches Managed Security and Compliance Services for the Enterprise

To help enterprises protect their brands as they scale social media across their organization, HootSuite has launched Managed Security and Compliance Services.

Available today, The Vancouver company’s new offering provides organizations with security and compliance tools to protect their brand and social media assets from internal and external threats.

According to Altimeter, the average enterprise has 178 owned social media accounts across at least 13 different departments, opening up brands to vulnerability.

“This sprawl of social media accounts has increased the demand for greater governance over social media,” says HootSuite. “More than ever, enterprises need to actively protect their social assets by monitoring and controlling access.”

HootSuite’s Managed Security and Compliance Services creates a secure, complete environment for policy management and enforcement across an enterprise’s entire organization, protecting its brand and data against a full spectrum of security and compliance threats. This is even more important for organizations within regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance, as well as those that are publically traded and require persistent monitoring of their brand reputation.

“While businesses have adopted social media in record numbers, the lack of governance puts enterprises at risk for online security and compliance breaches,” says Greg Gunn, VP Alliances, Business Development, and Platform at HootSuite. “Our new managed services are designed to equip the enterprise with the right tools and response plans so they can safely use social media to grow their business while protecting their brand.”

HootSuite’s new Managed Security and Compliance Services features include the ability to identify and govern both authorized and unauthorized social media profiles; to create a response plan for managing situations that could cause a drastic spike in activity volume on Twitter or Facebook; and to monitor company-owned social media profiles for any security and compliance breaches.