HootSuite Monetizes Twitter

Less than a month after they debuted a new name, HootSuite says they’ve now managed to monetize Twitter.

We’ve integrated AdSense into Hootsuite, and allowed you to add your AdSense code.  This will not detract from your Twitter experience. You will not see obnoxious ads in your Twitter feed. We’ve allowed you to insert your own ads into your ow.ly-shortened links. You do this by pasting in AdSense code for a 234 x 60 Half-Banner ad. These ads will be seen after an ow.ly link is clicked, and not before. Ads are housed in a discreet bar at the top of the page, which can be closed at any point with a single click.

Now only that but you can see in real-time how many people click on your URLs.

Ever wonder how Twitter’s getting monetized? We’ve just shown you. It’s easy to configure, it’s easy to share, and it easily integrates with Twitter. Note: So that we can keep HootSuite as a free service for our users, there is a 50% chance that your ad will appear in a link, and a 50% chance that one of our ads will appear.