HootSuite moves shorteners from Libya to Liechenstein

Vancouver’s HootSuite got hit with a major service interruption thanks to Amazon Web Services last week but they’re up in running and have made things right with their loyal customers.

This week they’re back at it with a number of service updates including new shortener addresses to replace Ow.ly and Ht.ly. With civil unrest in North Africa, HootSuite had heard concerns that using the common Top Level Domain suffix reserved for Libya (.LY) may be tacitly supporting the current governing regime.

To best meet your needs and mitigate your concerns, HootSuite now offers 2 new options for URL shortening: Owl.li and Htl.li. The new domains (hailing from Liechtenstein) work the same way as Ow.ly and Ht.ly – by tracking clicks for statistical analysis and they both include the social bar.

To clear up any confusion about the relationship between the Libyan domain name servers and the rest of the Internet, HootSuite has prepared an infographic explaining how data travels from server to your screen.

HootSuite Owly Libya infographic