Government Pitches Relocation of HootSuite to Quebec but Ryan Holmes is Staying Put

Quebec is eager to be the home of more Canadian tech companies and has been pitching several on the idea of relocating.

One such company is HootSuite, a Vancouver-based social media firm. However, it’s well documented that founder and CEO Ryan Holmes loves the city and is intent on keeping HootSuite in Vancouver.

He confirmed as much in a blog post on Medium, where he notes that fending off VCs suggesting he move his team to Silicon Valley or other Canadian cities has been commonplace over the years—even though, in his own words, “VCs are increasingly willing to bet on companies in other places and capital itself is becoming decentralized.”

Here’s why Holmes isn’t moving any time soon.

I still think having roots — whether you’re a person or a company — is critical. I’ve always dreamed of growing Vancouver into a new tech center north of the border. Just as the PayPal mafia has changed the face of Silicon Valley, I feel a dedicated core of Vancouver entrepreneurs — a kind of Maple Syrup mafia — has the potential to create something great here.

“I’m confident that my home city and I can find a way to reach a technology critical mass together,” he writes. “It won’t be easy, but we need to find ways to attract more graduates, to provide more meaningful jobs and to make Vancouver attractive to tomorrow’s tech. If we can work together on doing that, I’ll be able to keep smiling and shaking my head when people ask if I’m moving to the Valley.”