HootSuite Reaches Seven Million Users and 300 Employees

Vancouver’s HootSuite is still growing fast: the social media company revealed this morning that during the second quarter of this year, it reached the seven million user milestone.

These users helped boost HootSuite’s revenue by 300% over the year-ago quarter. As a result, the company continued hiring, and now has more than 300 employees.

Further, HootSuite now boasts paying customers in 156 countries, thanks to its 15 fully translated dashboard languages.

“Companies are getting more sophisticated in the ways they’re using social media across the organizations—whether they’re engaging with their customers through their marketing, sales, or support and service departments,” says Ryan Holmes, the chief executive officer of HootSuite. “By equipping them with a single, secure, and scalable solution to organize their social processes, we’re empowering them to connect, inform and succeed like never before.”

In May, HootSuite has launched a new security services designed to mitigate the risk, both internal and external, associated with social media use. This was one of the company’s major announcements of 2013.

According to one expert, most social media crises can be avoided with proper internal training and processes. “76% of social media crises could have been diminished, or altogether prevented, had companies been prepared internally with the right training, processes, roles, and software,” says Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst and Partner at Altimeter Group.

“Weak or shared passwords, accidentally posting to business instead of personal profiles—these are errors that can really hurt a brand’s image and consequently its bottom line. Thankfully these crises are avoidable,” said Holmes. “When so many social media crises start internally, a social asset audit just makes sense. From there, security services provides you with the knowledge and resources to deal with any social media situation. You may not be able to control external factors, but you can make sure your business is ready for them.”


Photo: HootSuite