HootSuite University-certified Junction Marketing launches in Vancouver

Junction Marketing is a brand new campaign-based marketing agency founded in Vancouver.

One of the first Canadian companies officially certified by HootSuite University, Junction believes it is positioned at the crest of a massive shift in the way that the advertising and marketing industries are operating, signalled by recent successes businesses have had when opening themselves up to the possibility of listening and interacting to their customers instead of pitching the way that commercials and ads have done for so many years.

“As recently as three years ago, the online marketing landscape saw most businesses simply building basic, static websites supported by massive media campaigns, and that strategy was working for them,” Director of Social Media Marketing, Conner Galway says. “More recently, the market has shown that they love businesses that have built a platform online that can be interacted with and shared with friends when the content is interesting enough. What we’re seeing now is that the most successful businesses online are the ones that take decisive action and get involved in the massive amount of activity that’s happening on the internet.

“Traditional marketing couples beautifully in that regard as people now have the opportunity to hear a business’ message, then go online and build a relationship with that brand. Junction was built to deliver exactly that; where we’ve spent years creating professional platforms for businesses that delivered results, we now develop strategy to use all of those platforms to the maximum of their potential and, ultimately, achieve dramatic offline goals using the online world.”

“We started this business because we wanted to do something awesome,” says Tim Howard, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Money is really not a motivation here, we’re trying to get out and do things that really get us excited – sometimes money is the means to those experiences, but we’ll always take an amazing trip across the continent to help a business that we love over a lucrative, but uninspiring contract.”

 “Our original goal was simply to help businesses develop a presence online,” said Director of Analytics and Ads, Ryan Whyte. “We were so focused on developing opportunities for our small business clients we at times couldn’t see the forest for the trees. We needed to be able to more directly link the work we did with the objectives of our clients’ businesses, and that’s a big part of why we’ve launched Junction. Our new campaign based approach is much more strategic and laser-focused on helping businesses achieve their unique goals through an integrated approach to online marketing.”