HootSuite updates their popular iPhone app

Techvibes’ favourite social media tool, HootSuite has recently added a plethora of updates to their popular iPhone application.  According to the press release here are the updates:

Wondering what your followers are saying in Japan? What’s your brand sentiment in Sweden? Quickly translate tweets from over 50 languages and jump into international conversations and markets.


You knew Facebook Profile status updates were on the way but… we didn’t slow down. This update adds the ability to import Facebook Pages from your HootSuite.com account as well, allowing you to share news with fans and customers on any Page you’ve added to HootSuite, in any language you choose.

Plus, you can interact with a “like” or comment back whether you are adding a note for personal or professional purposes.

Geo-locate Yourself

Whether you are documenting a special spot, alerting friends for meet-ups, or chronicling a journey, you can add geo-location coordinates to your Twitter updates. Very handy for practical wayfinding purposes, and also fun to allow friends embark on a virtual adventure with you.

Treats to Explore

A single click now allows you to “Reply to All” recipients of a message, saving you time and finger taps. You’ll also notice interface refinements that make navigating even more intuitive with some big buttons and new menu choices and a landscape view to compose your updates. Look closely for “HootSuite Labs” — a place for beta features for experimental purposes, including a new bleeding-edge “Bump™ to follow” feature.

Not using HootSuite yet?  Shame on you.  Here’s your chance to jump on this bandwagon:  HootSuite for iPhone update is available at the iTunes App store in Lite (free, ad-supported) and Full ($2.99) versions. Follow @HootSuiteiPhone for updates.