HootSuite’s iPad App ready for primetime and free

The wait is finally over. Vancouver’s HootSuite have released their iPad App last week and it’s free.

We’ve artfully hand-crafted this mobile app specifically for the iPad’s unique interface and designed it to compliment your HootSuite web account. This new owl makes use of the iPad’s large screen size to maximize the tools you’d typically use on the device, plus includes most of the goodies that you currently enjoy in HootSuite.

Much like the HootSuite iPhone and HootSuite web, HootSuite for iPad supports multiple social networks and profiles (including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare), message scheduling, and on-board stats. Plus, its packed with plenty more to help owls on-the-go manage campaigns and monitor social networks anywhere from bus stops to board rooms.

Head over to hootsuite.com/ipad to see the full list of features.

HootSuite Streams iPad