Hosting companies getting better equipped to fight spam

With fraudulent and hacked email accounts able to send upwards of 8,000 spam messages per second, hosting companies are in need of better, faster and more accurate ways to prevent their services from being used for nefarious purposes. Not only do these spammers ruin the hosting companies’ reputations and increase the number of blacklisted email addresses on their servers, but they also cost the company and users by incurring credit card chargeback fees.

“Spam is one of the first indicators that an account sign-up has been fraudulent,” said Nick Nelson, Managing Director of VPS.NET, in a starement. “By detecting spam, we can clean up the credit card fraud by issuing a credit and shutting down the account. The credit card owner never skips a beat, and we pay less in chargeback fees.”

Helping virtual private server (VPS) host VPS.NET detect spam and fraudulent account usage is MailChannels. MailChannels is a Vancouver company that has numerous features to help hosting companies detect spam and spam accounts before they can do any damage to them or their users. MailChannels can scan and filter 30 million messages per hour, and over one million concurrent connections. It supports content filtering technology from leading vendors. And MailChannels’ web-based policy management system lets hosting companies completely monitor and observe all activity with fewer human resources.

Along with VPS.NET, MailChannels boasts an impressive roster of clients; Ezecom, SherWeb, Cornell University, Northeastern University and the City of Richmond, B.C. are all organizations that have benfitted from MailChannels’ real-time filtering and anti-spam technology.

To find out more about MailChannels, check out their website here.