Hottypo Helps You Profit From Ebay Typos

eBay hosts millions of auctions daily and helps buyers and sellers receive a true market driven price for their goods, until now. Waterloo based startup Hottypo searches for misspellings in eBay listings that can often lead to items selling well below their market price. Just search a keyword and Hottypos’ algorithm will generate a list of common typos; users can easily tweak the results by excluding any term they don’t want to include in their search. If you are not sure how to get started there is also a list of popular typos that appear in eBay auctions.

Hottypo member Rezart Bajraktari explained how several users have managed to save money by utilizing Hottypo: “One user was able to snatch a Star Wars collectible for $700 when other ones were selling around $2000. Another person was able to purchase a car speaker system for $800 when the same brand was selling for $1500+. There were a few other ones with vintage wines that had big savings. There seem to also be a lot of savings with video games and movie items.”

Hottypo brings the fun feeling back to eBay auctions, its simple design and technical features make it easy to spend hours hunting eBay for some misspelled bargains.