Hover.com is the anti-Go Daddy

We believe that we can make your experience owning and using a domain name better than any other company on the planet and Hover is our way of doing that.

Hover launched their domain registration and management service today and it looks to be the anti-GoDaddy. A simple alternative in an industry steeped in complexity with a low price – $15 for a .CA name.

Most domain registrars entice customers with impossibly low prices but make up their margins with upselling and hidden fees. If you’ve ever purchased a domain from a low-cost domain registrar like GoDaddy, you know what I mean.

According to Hover’s Ross Rader, they spent a long time figuring out what customers actually wanted from a domain registrar and then attempted to build the simplest expression of those services – domain registration, management, DNS and email. Hover doesn’t do blogs or hosting or shopping carts (the list services offered by registrars goes on) but they promise to integrate better with the category leaders (why try to compete with WordPress) in all of those verticals better than any other provider out there. Rader expands, “Instead of selling our customers a second rate photo-hosting option running on some software we hacked together, we make it trivial for our customers to connect their domain to Flickr, Picasa, and Snapfish”.

Seems pretty simple. Advanced users out there – don’t worry, Hover also includes comprehensive domain name and DNS management tools with every domain purchase.

Hover is a service of Tucows Inc. Having worked in the domain name space, its great to see an industry veteran willing to build something relevant to today’s market from scratch rather than resting on their laurels and old systems.