How ACL Creates Culture in an Office-less Work Environment

If you were in Vancouver early last Fall, you may have witnessed a hint of ACL Service’s culture as employees rappelled off a 20-storey building in Downtown Vancouver, raising over $16,000 for the Easter Seals Drop Zone event.

Selected as one of B.C.’s Best Employers for 2016, ACL has focused on and transformed their culture over the past several years. Charitable involvement, like the example with the Easter Seals, is only one aspect.

Around four years ago, when CEO Laurie Schultz joined ACL, the company that builds technology solutions for audit and risk management underwent a cultural shift to emphasize the entrepreneurial spirit and agility.

“We’re still on that journey. The culture is quite amazing right now. Starting with her, right from the top, from our CEO Laurie,” says VP of Talent, Kathy Enros.

Three ideas drive performance and culture at the company: authenticity, customer intensity, and disruptive innovation.

Regarding customer intensity, Enros explains: “We have a really big focus on making our customers successful. We will do whatever it takes to make our customers successful in what they do, no matter what their role is within their organization.”

Apart from the opportunity for community involvement, ACL provides employees with funded learning opportunities, the chance to work with big brand clients, and benefits including health, massage therapy, RRSP matching, and stock options.

Lately, great excitement has surrounded the new space ACL has just moved into.

The company this week took over the top four floors of the Manulife building in Downtown Vancouver, where they have decided, after many employee interviews, to go office-less, with varying kinds of meeting spaces for times when quiet and private collaboration is required.

“We are excited about this,” says Enros. “It was very important to us as we looked at the design of that new office space to make sure that we created a space that lived our values, met the employees’ needs, that really ensured that we had a great team collaboration and employee communication.”

Enros highlights the culture at ACL as a main reason that talent is attracted to the company. Backing up those words, ACL’s Product Team won the BCTIA Technology Impact Team of the Year Award for 2015.

“You’re working with some of the best in the industry over here so to be able to come in and work with them work alongside them and learn from them is an amazing opportunity,” says Enros. “We’re growing. We’re global. The world is your oyster. It’s a great time to get in.”