How Canada’s Twitter-Using Politicos Fare on the World Stage

Canada has lots of Twitter accounts for embassies and missions but its leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, doesn’t have much social clout.

According to a report called Twiplomacy conducted by public relations firm Burson-Marsteller, “Ottawa, which was once described as a laggard in digital diplomacy, has now caught up with its peers.” The study suggested that “not a week goes by without a new Canadian embassy setting up shop on Twitter in English and French.”

However, PM Harper ranked just 44th among 50 world leaders, whose 478,000 followers pale in comparison to Obama’s 43 million. But it’s actually Pope Francis, whose 14 million followers across nine different language accounts, who yields the most clout and engagement on the social network. Despite far fewer followers, the Pope’s tweets average significantly more retweets and favourites.


Burson-Marsteller analyzed 645 government accounts in 161 countries.