How Christy Clark and Invoke Media Used Facebook to Win a Provincial Election

Barack Obama was among the first wave of politicans to actively leverage the internet and, particularly, social media—to obvious success, no doubt.

That knowledge was evidently not lost on Christy Clark, whose BC Liberals party this week allowed Facebook to release a case study proving how the Premier’s election success was driven in part by a well-executed Facebook campaign.

Down in the polls with five weeks until election day last year, Clark stopped hugging babies and upped the ante on her Facebook campaign. Her party utilized geo-targeting capabilities to ensure voters saw the Premier in their communities and the team used its Facebook page to post candid photos and videos of Clark chatting with voters. They worked with Vancouver-based agency Invoke Media to leverage Facebook interest targeting and amplify the effectiveness of these community events.

Consequently, one-third of all Liberal voters in BC engaged with campaign content and Clark became the first woman to be elected Premier with a margin of 200 votes. The campaign saw Clark gain 8,500 new fans in 19 days; 30% of the page’s current total

“Facebook played a significant role in the provincial election,” says Clark. “It was a direct way to share my ideas and vision for BC’s future, allowing me to better connect with British Columbians on a much more personal level.”