How does your Facebook friends list stack up against others?

Are your friends better than your friends’ friends?

Perhaps that question is confusing, but if you enjoy Internet competitions that pit friend networks against friend networks, SAP has an app for that.

SAP has recently launched a new Facebook app called Friend Network Optimizer. The app is a visual dashboard that allows you to explore, track, and analyze your friend network on Facebook. There is also a “leader board” so you can work toward having the ultimate network of “friends.” Outperform the competition by observing which friends and what activities are most effectively contributing toward your network’s greatness.

The app is sponsored by SAP Crystal Solutions, and is supposedly designed to demonstrate the “business dashboard functionality” of their SAP Crystal Presentation – just in a “non-business-world scenario.” Crystal Solutions, which is based in Vancouver and was bought out by SAP, either decided a downgrade in their app quality was a good idea, or just really wanted to take advantage of Facebook’s nearing-500-million user population to create brand awareness. The former is less than logical, but the latter may actual make some sense. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway. If this app doesn’t sound completely ridiculous and useless to you, then you might be interested in watching their launch video. Which, for all its sleek graphic design, has less substance than an interview with Paris Hilton.