How Fast Can Larry the Bird Fly These Days? About 3,000 Tweets Per Second (Up 25% in One Month!)

So, it’s more or less been confirmed that the long nameless Twitter bird has actually been named “Larry” all along (likely in reference to Larry Bird, the former professional basketball player). But how fast can that bird fly? These days, Larry is up to 3,000 tweets per second. And that’s up by about 25% from just one month ago! Whew, those wings sure are pumping.

This data comes from Social Jumpstart, which analyzed the activity popular social networks experience every minute. Twitter sees 175,000 tweets, while Foursquare sees 2,000 checkins, Flickr sees 3,100 photos uploaded, and newcomer Pinterest sees over 1,000 new unique visitors. In the big leagues, Facebook clocks in at 700,000 messages sent per 60 seconds, while YouTube clocks in at a staggering 2 million videos views. 

Infographic: Social Jumpstart