How Much Your Favourite Social Network Would Cost to Use Without Advertising

Most people accept the fact that online advertising is the price they pay for free access to social network and news content. But what if they had the option for pay for an ad-free experience? How much would it cost?

Vancouver-based JunctionYVR decided to find out. The digital marketing agency looked at the user count of social networks, then calculated the company’s ad revenue and revenue growth. Turns out, social networks don’t actually make much money per user from ads and would be cheap to access ad-free (in theory, of course).

An annual subscription to Facebook would cost only $5.04—and that’s by far the most expensive. Twitter would run you just $2.29 annually, while YouTube would cost a mere $1.17 per year. LinkedIn clocked in at $1.50.

Facebook generates $4 billion in ad revenue from one billion users; Twitter generates $250 million in ad revenue from 200 million users; YouTube generates $1.2 billion from 800 million users; and LinkedIn generates $200 million in ad revnue from $190 million users. (Some numbers were estimates.)

We’re guessing Google+ isn’t on their list because no one would pay to use it.