How social media transformed Victoria’s business community

What do you comes to mind when you think of Victoria? The sleepy little capital of our province has been long-regarded as a quaint throwback city, with her main attractions being remnants of British Columbia’s earliest days and British heritage, populated primarily by hippies and the retired.

But what most don’t know about is the thriving “underground” Twitter community that’s been growing over the past few years. The business community is known to be an “old boys’ club” that often frustrates up-and-comers so much that they are better off leaving for greener pastures on the mainland. Regular, well-attended Tweetups are creating a new business community that gives the fresh blood of the city an opportunity to thrive. In fact, these Tweetups have been so successful that June 30th has been declared Social Media day by Mayor Dean Fortin. It’s an example any city can follow to keep competition healthy and progressive.

Continuing this trend of success from social media, October 3rd is going to be the date of Social Media Camp, a one-day event that will explore the possibilities social media offers you and your business, as well as hone your skills with this essential new medium.

The event takes place October 3rd at the Victoria Conference Centre and registration is competitively priced at $125. To register, visit Don’t miss out!