How to Be a Better Binary Person

Performance anxiety happens to the best of us–even our Web sites.  Web sites can’t always be on top of their game and give it 100%, can they?  Lackadaisical attitude aside, there are things you can do to make your site an overall higher performance machine.  This post was inspired by my first all-female blogging conference in Chicago, Blogher 2007 and their Be a Better Binary Babe session.

Here are a few tips for high performance Web sites:

1.    Make fewer HTTP Requests
2.    Use a Content Delivery Network
3.    Add an Expires Header
4.    Gzip Components
5.    Put CSS at the Top
6.    Move Scripts to the Bottom
7.    Avoid CSS Expressions
8.    Make Javascript and CSS External
9.    Reduce DNS Lookups
10.   Minify Javascript
11.   Avoid Redirects
12.   Remove Duplicate Scripts
13.   Configure ETags
14.   Make AJAX Cacheable and Small