How to Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Like most of you gorgeous tech people out there, I’m juggling many social media balls: twitter updating, Facebooking, blog upkeeping, RSS reading and email answering.  In fact, being this “socially media involved” takes up a chunk of my day without realizing it.  So what can you and I do to boost our social media productivity and have time to maybe go for a walk outside? 

Here’s a list of ten solutions I’ve found so far via very smart sources so we can get started, immediately.

  1. Get a system and organize
  2. Prune your feeds
  3. Add bookmarks on
  4. Keep content active and fresh
  5. Use a social media updater like atomkeep
  6. Know where you stand in the land of social media profiles via Mashable
  7. Set up a calendar for social media time and follow it via Lifehacker
  8. Use a mobile organizer (Jott) to send yourself remondiers and messages via Chris Brogan
  9. Just let go via Dumb Little Man
  10. Unsubscribe

How do you manage your social media life?  On Thursday, I’ll be talking to one of Canada’s top social media mavens, Rebecca Bollwitt or Miss 604 (as her audience in Vancouver knows her) about many things including how she manages her busy busy social media schedule.