Building High-Growth Companies: An Opportunity at GROW

Landing the right partners or distribution channels is what differentiates fast growth companies from slow growth ones.

At Shopify, we know how critical that is to the success of a business—tech or otherwise.

As head of developer relations at Shopify, I look at dozens of new SMB products every week so we can add value and help our 165,000 merchants sell more products. Working with third-party integration partners brings value to our merchants and in turn Shopify becomes a distribution channel to help grow your business.

Getting on board with multiple platforms and distribution channels is, in most cases, the best strategy to build your user base. But the difference between acquiring 100 users and a 100,000 users through platform integration is about your ability to build relationships with the decision makers behind that platform. And what better way to help you do that, than on stage at GROW in front of those exact people.

Shopify is hosting the Under the Radar event at GROW Conference and have brought together our friends and partners from companies like Hootsuite, and Intuit, plus investors from Bloomberg Beta and CRV; to meet product companies looking for distribution partnerships like us.

Products that catch my attention are creating new and exciting ways for small business to get discovered and sell more products. We are always looking for innovative approaches to social advertising, optimizing email marketing and SMS, analytics, logistics and creating new channels for sales.  

Hootsuite is interested in companies that emphasize customer engagement and Intuit is excited by companies pushing the limits of time tracking, inventory management or job costing. And our investor friends are interested in finding the next big thing.

Ten companies will be selected to present to the entire GROW audience on the main stage. Then four will be selected to move on to the final event.  And one company will be awarded with the “On the Radar” title, an opportunity to meet the panel members one-on-one and be featured in the Shopify Partners Blog.

If you want to present on stage, please apply here.

We are interested in meeting companies from the following categories:

  • Product discovery
  • Marketplaces
  • Social buying
  • Shipping
  • Logistics
  • Analytics
  • Mobile in-app purchases
  • In-app commerce
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Fintech

Atlee Clark will be speaking at this year’s GROW Conference, happening August 19-21 in Whistler, BC. To hear her speak, tickets are available, here.