How to Create an Amazing Mobile Experience for Users: Canadian Case Study

What does the user experience mean in the mobile commerce space?

Forrester Research and Plastic Mobile agree that it’s basically the cornerstone of any successful mobile initiative.

They showcase this theory in the Case Study on Mobile UI/UX Design titled “Pizza Pizza Cooks Up a Successful Mobile App.”

Toronto-based startup Plastic Mobile says that t has been practicing a “user is paramount” theory since inception at the dawn of the mobile revolution.

As a “guardian of the end-user experience,” Plastic Mobile explains that it was thrilled to see mobile UX receive due praise by the international research giant: “the two firms engaged in a customer-centric design process that resulted in a mobile app that exceeded their expectations. Firms new to mobile and even those that are planning second- or third-generation mobile offerings can learn from Pizza Pizza’s example.”

According to Plastic Mobile President and COO, Melody Adhami, “There seems to be a gross misconception that says that everything mobile should be driven predominantly by tech. As a result, agencies are not putting enough focus on usability and design, and the end user is left unsatisfied. We look at mobile from the perspective that tech should help, not hinder, the user’s experience with mobile.”

Plastic Mobile and Pizza Pizza changed the pizza ordering game by really pairing down the ordering process to give the user what they want, faster and simpler. The app offers a complete and immersive m-commerce experience that allows customers to customize their pizza, repeat a previous order and save their favourite locations in just a few quick taps.