How to crowdsource a girlfriend

Always dating the wrong dame? Why not try crowdsourcing the search for your next girlfriend? Because the rumors are probably true… your mother does know best…and so does everyone else. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some tips from Chaordix on using crowdsourcing to help you find that special lady.

Make the right call to action. Before you ask people to join your crowdsourcing effort, you’ll have to be sure you know what you are after. A casual girlfriend? A long-term love? People will be more confident about reaching out to their networks if they know exactly what you are looking for.

Involve the right crowd. Cast that net wide. Why? You already know everyone your best friend knows – so just as in crowdsourcing innovative product ideas, you need to try a new approach. If you always hang out with the same type of people, think about involving a crowd that’s different. Don’t ignore your parents’ friends, for example.

Clean yourself up. Every good crowdsourcing effort knows the value of having the right incentives in place. In this case, the prize is you, so make sure you’re worth winning. Now, we’re not talking about fake tans and tweezed eyebrows (unless you’re into that, we’re not here to judge). We’re talking about you being you, plus an ironed shirt, minus the sweatpants.

Define the parameters before you start. If you know you can’t stand a girl who doesn’t like sports, you’ll want to make that clear. Helping people find qualified leads for you is a great way to narrow the field, as well as avoiding frustration. There’s nothing worse than trying to set a buddy up with a girl who is theoretically perfect for him, only to find out he’s not into blonds.

Manage the process. You’re going to have to keep the troops motivated along the journey. Let people know what’s working and what isn’t. This will help narrow the search. By giving people regular progress updates, you might spark new ideas from your crowd based on something you say.

photo by: joodles