Feed the Hungry While Partying: HoHoTo is a Charitable Event for Tech Enthusiasts

HoHoTO is a holiday party designed to raise funds for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank.

It has become a hyper-connected social media movement and an example of the power of self-organizing online groups, organizers say. The annual event started in 2008 when a group of friends started talking on Twitter about the plight of the hungry in Toronto and the idea for HoHoTo grew organically out of this discussion.

“HoHoTO is one of the best ways to help hungry people in Toronto, and it’s also the best Holiday party you’ve ever been to,” organizers say.

So far HoHoTo has raised nearly $300,000. This year Techvibes is a sponsor and if you’re looking for both a great event and a great cause, check it out. HoHoTo goes down on December 19 at The Mod Club and tickets start at $45.