How to Make People Actually Want to Take a Survey

The tablet has become a fixture in the lives of many Canadians, and now tablets have become a great thing to have for event marketers.

Formerly known as Quadrant Mobile, TabbleDabble was launched in Toronto by Ravin Shah and Tishan Mills two years ago. The company’s slogan is “Attract. Connect. Know Your Market.” The company has grown considerably, being a technology provider for over 20 major brands like Acura, the Globe and Mail, and Golf Town.

To give you an idea the growth of tablets, Apple only sold 15 million iPads in 2010 according to the IDC. As the fastest growing tech device of all time, over 118 million are expected to be shipped worldwide in 2012, and 665 million by 2016, according to TabbleDabble. Consumers are fascinated by tablets.

Consumers have more fun entering contests or doing surveys on a tablet because they get to play with technology they might not otherwise have, even for a few seconds, according to Jennifer Mason at Diamond Integrated Marketing. She said at Tabblin’ & Dabblin’ 2012 that people did not mind filling out 28 survey questions because it was on a tablet.

Using tablets for contest entries is certainly easier for event marketing representatives than those brands that use bulky event marketing kiosks that you will find at conventions and trade shows that are expensive to ship and take up a lot of space. TabbleDabble will even set up your contest tablets as an iPad Café, a counter bar, and there are really neat free-standing iPad holder options.

Marquee organizations like the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and GoodLife Fitness have switched from the hassle of paper entries to electronic ones with real-time data via TabbleDabble’s patent-pending technology.

GoodLife Fitness’ national marketing manager Michael Wickett said that Canada’s largest fitness club increased their conversions by 20% with the help of TabbleDabble. They were also able to relay the results to the right general managers within 24 hours. The company was not previously doing the “right activity” to maximize conversions. They say it was so much easier, automated, and fast compared to the hassle of paper and the time it took to understand results.

TabbleDabble says on their website: “TabbleDabble provides businesses with mobile interactive touch screen solutions for attracting and connecting with a target audience while collecting valuable data. We provide leading edge hardware, software and services at a price that is less than any available alternative.”