How to Negotiate a Term Sheet… in eight acts

The Vancouver Enterprise Forum (VEF) is teaming up with the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society for what promises to be an  entertaining and educational evening next week.

Term Sheet Theatre will take the you behind the scenes to show you what VCs and entrepreneurs are really thinking during term sheet negotiation.  Clark Wilson’s Mark Longo and Brock Smith will portray the lawyers, Bootup Labs Danny Robinson will be the “Internet entrepreneur”, Growthworks’ Maria Pacella will be the VC, and Dayna Forsyth from Irwin White Jennings will play the VC’s lawyer.

Organizers promise that the companies and term sheet will be fictitious but realistic. Considering Growthworks is an investor in Robinson’s Vancouver startup Strutta, the back-and-forth negotiation on stage will no doubt have some element of truth to it.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, who is getting ready to raise some financing or a veteran who has been around the block – Term Sheet Theatre will be an informative and fun evening followed by networking. Just remember that term sheet negotiation can’t really be done in one hour.

Term Sheet Theatre is on November 23rd at 5:30pm at the Vancity Theatre. Tickets are $45.00 online in advance, $50 at the door, and VEF one-year memberships are $200 (includes admission to eight events).