Avoid Burning Bridges: Here’s How to Quit Your Job the Right Way

When it comes to employees quitting their jobs, managers have heard every reason under the sun. But they also insist that it’s how, not why, you quit that holds salience. 

“How you leave a job can be just as important as what you did while you were there,” Robert Hosking, executive director of Office Team, told the Calgary Herald.

“You never know who’s going to be interviewing you a month down the road,” Koula Vasilopoulos, a senior vice-president of Office Team, told the Calgary Herald. “It could be a colleague of the person you’ve just given notice to. Be professional about it.”

It’s never been as important to exit your job with grace than now, in the era of the internet and social media. Word has never spread quicker.


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Here’s how to execute your exit strategy so that everyone wins, courtesy of the Calgary Herald and Office Team.

1. First, give proper notice. Inform your boss of your departure before anyone. Don’t let him or her hear it through the grapevine. Two weeks’ notice is the minimum, but if possbible, offer to stay a bit longer to train your replacement.

2. Get things in order by making sure your co-workers have the instructions, tools, and information they need to continue with their projects and complete assignments you won’t be sticking around for.

3. Retain a positive outlook. Say goodbye to your colleagues and thank them. Reach out to those with whom you’d like to keep in touch and, even if there is one or two guys who really annoyed the heck out of you, remain calm.

4. Work hard until your very last day. Be remembered as an excellent performer; your final impressions will end up at least as strong as your first.

5. Accept the opportunity to have an exit interview if it’s offered. And while you should always be honest with your feedback, be careful to keep it professional and constructive. Improve the workplace for your replacement.

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