How to Recycle Your Old Tech Products

With Earth Day less than a week away, we should all be thinking of reducing our carbon footprint.  So this leads to my next thought.  What are you doing with your e-Waste?  (You know, those things that clutter up your drawers, old phone accessories, broken headphones, cell phones, keyboards and printers that just simply don’t work anymore or that you’ve upgraded.)

I found a great article about how Canadians can recycle our their tech gadgets and wanted to share it with you.  Surprisingly, both Futureshop and BestBuy will take in your old cell phone, MP3 players, CDs and DVDs–not so lucky if you need to trash a TV or bulky computer.  And most cell phone providers will also take in your old cell phones.  Here’s a list of local recycling programs by province that you can consult: