Wavefront and Innovate Calgary Present: How to Take Your Mobile Company International

Identifying and connecting with critical international partners is one of the largest barriers to growth for Canadian wireless companies, according to Wavefront. The organization’s International Market Entry Program has a proven track record of facilitating faster entry into new international markets and increasing foreign sales for Canadian companies, Wavefront says.

Wavefront is presenting in Vancouver and Calgary an event called “Global Mobile: How to Take Your Mobile Company International,” a half-day morning seminar hosted by Brian Roberts, Wavefront Vice President of International Business Development. Brian will be joined by a panel of experts, who will discuss considerations in international growth and the programs that are available to support it, and local wireless companies, who will their international growth experiences and provide practical advice.

Innovate Calgary is partnering with Wavefront for the Calgary edition of this mini-tour, which will be held on June 4 (in Vancouver) and June 7 (in Calgary).

On average, companies that have participated in Wavefront programs have increased their foreign sales by more than 33% and revenues by almost 20%, and accelerated their time-to-market by four to six months.