How Top Hat Fosters a Fun, Collaborative Working Environment

The team at Top Hat is passionate about improving education, having developed a product that has been used by 500 universities and around half a million students.

Top Hat, located in downtown Toronto, helps professors make their classes more fun and effective, getting students more engaged and involved in lecture material using laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The software allows lecturers to launch discussions inside or out of the classroom, gauge understanding through real time reporting, ask questions in a number of engaging ways, and innovate on teaching through tournaments, competitions, and interactive games and demos.

The mission to make education fun and effective drives the culture at Top Hat. It is part of what propelled the company to its success.

Teams at the company organically create the kinds of cultures that are most conducive to team successes.

“We foster a number of different cultures. There are different cultures with different teams,” says Stephanie Kessler, Talent Manager at Top Hat.

The environment at the company is fast-paced, and there is a great opportunity for career advancement. The company, which has about 120 employees, values intelligence above all.

“Everybody at Top Hat is incredibly smart. We have a high bar for talent,” says Kessler.

They also make an effort to create a friendly community with many social events on the calendar, including ‘Beer o’clock’ every Wednesday for the Engineering team and drinks in the office every Friday for the Sales team.

“We celebrate wins,” says Kessler, “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and I think that’s important.”

Apart from having the opportunity to work with bright people in a well-funded tech company, employees receive a number of nice perks. Top Hat will cover the cost of a TTC or Presto pass to take some stress out of the commute. Every day, breakfast and lunch is provided. Additionally, Top Hat provides medical, health, and lifestyle benefits.

“We’re fun, we’re smart, and we’re collaborative,” says Kessler.

Top Hat has a vibrant culture of smart people who are creative and innovative, upending the status quo in the education market. Top Hat is currently hiring, mainly in engineering and sales.