How your startup can create, launch, and maintain a mobile app on the cheap

The mobile realm is one of the fasest growing industries globally and it’s not slowing down any time soon. If your startup has decided it needs a mobile app to take it to the next level, you may have been disheartened by some the costs of professionally designed apps, often ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Can a shoestring budget really turn into an effective, quality mobile application? Yes – if you’re willing to take on more of the work yourself. Below are some companies that offer platforms to create and launch your own mobile app affordably.


Previously Cascada, Grapple is a leader in this field. Grapple works for all mobile platforms, covering up to 97 percent of any mobile audience, and is compatible with more than 500 devices. It claims to cut costs by as much as 75 percent and development can be completed in as little as a week. Grapple can then help you distribute your app to BlackBerry App World, Apple’s iTunes app store, and through other mobile app channels.

Mobile Roadie

This app creation platform allows you to create apps for a small set-up fee and then a small monthly fee. Mobile Roadie has three tiers of pricing, from a $500 setup and $30 monthly fee to a $2000 setup and $100 monthly fee. The difference are in customization options, so your business may only need the basic tier, or you may need to go all out.

If you don’t find what you need through a do-it-yourself platform, you’ll have to consider a full-service, fully customized solution:


BrightXpress Mobility Suite is a “Mobile Enterprise Application Platform” that creates end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions to business solution providers, system integrators, application developers, and businesses with internal IT teams. BrightXpress helps design, develop, and deploy business wireless mobile solutions rapidly and cost effectively.

Polar Mobile

Polar Mobile is a leader in enabling businesses to extend their presence across mobile devices by leveraging a proprietary software Platform (called SMART). Polar has over 350 Apps across iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones for 150 world-class customers in news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle media verticals. 

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is positioned to handle all steps of launching a successful app. They can handle your app’s strategy, development, marketing, or all three. Mutual is accustomed to taking care everything – or collaborating with your organization’s existing technology & design resources.

Do you know a company that is cheaper or otherwise better than the companies mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section below.