How Zippy: Zipcar Finally Launches iPhone App

Zipcar– the car rental company finally launched its iPhone app.  Now, Zipcar users can not only find nearby available vehicles and make reservations from their phones — they can even unlock their rental car’s doors from their handhelds.  All while on the go. Okay, I need to get rid of my car and join Zipcar and get an iPhone.  But first things first.

Why is this so great? Well, the Zipcar model is key to this mobile app geniousness. Zipcar operates like many city car-share programs, the company allows its members to use vehicles parked in various central locations on an hourly basis.  In Montreal, they do this with bikes, which is the coolest thing.

You can reserve these cars online, and, without real people interactions, you can go straight to the vehicle you chose, unlock it by tapping your RFID-enabled membership card to a sensor and start driving.  My location is by Denman and Comox and today there was actually a Mini that I could’ve hopped into, but I digress.

Now, with the new iPhone app, you can complete this entire process while on the go. It makes going through the motions zippy.  This according to the release,

Let’s say you are running late to a meeting — you could theoretically search for the Zipcars closest to your office using GPS technology, reserve one of them, and zoom to your meeting, even if you happened to forget your Zipcar membership card. Heck, you even if you couldn’t find your car in the lot — the app has a built-in feature that remotely honks the horn for you!

The Zipcar app is available now in the Apple App Store for free (for existing Zipcar members.) I hope they’re working on an app for the Blackberry!