howsthepatient iPhone application keeps communication clear in a crisis

ScreenshotHaving a family member or close friend in the hospital can be a stressful time.  Those closest to the patient are often not only focused on providing support and care for the patient but also having to play information broker to everyone else with an interest in how the patient is doing during their hospital stay.  A new iPhone application called howsthepatient hopes to help alleviate at least that second stress.

The application works as a messaging hub, allowing the person with the most knowledge about the patient’s status to send out information to a select group of concerned friends and family.  With email, Facebook and Twitter integration the application aims to be the single stopping place for anyone looking to keep their circle of well-wishers updated on either an illness or a new born baby.

Toronto’s Susan Weisbarth came up with the idea when in a situation like the app is intended for.  In the application’s press release she noted, “I got an emergency call that my 75 year-old mother was being rushed to the hospital with stroke symptoms. Fortunately, all that happened was that she fell and hurt her head. As she was recovering in the hospital and I was inundated with calls and e-mails from concerned friends and family, I thought there had to be a better way of keeping people posted when they are worried about a loved one.”

The application offers:

  • Discreet Networking – Connect only with your selected circle of family and friends
  • Instant and Efficient Communication – From a single touch point share information and updates in real time
  • Controlled Communication – Manage the information sent to and received from family and friends.  Choose your communication status by leaving open or selecting “do not contact us at this time.”
  • Aggregated Contacts – Choose contacts directly from your iPhone and import them in to howsthepatient.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter – You have the option of further sharing your information with other social networks.
  • Google Map Search – Easily and quickly find the hospital location and address to assist in visits and the delivery of flowers or gifts.
  • Emergency Hotlines – Save emergency numbers into your account for easy access.
  • Instant Photo Sharing – Allows you to share photos with your contact group.

It is in the iTunes app store today and is priced at $1.99 in Canada, the United States, the UK, and Australia.