HP Launches HAVEn, a Platform Built to Conquer Big Data

Big data is a big benefit to those who can harness it, and a big problem to those who can’t.

HP this week unveiled HAVEn, a platform it promises will help business conquer big data.

HAVEn is short for Hadoop, Autonomy (which HP acquired), Vertica, and ArcSight, the lowercase “n” standing for “n number of solutions.” The platform aims to leverage these four technologies collaboratively to analyze and protect company’s big data reserves better than ever before.

According to a study commissioned by HP, 60% of companies will spend 10% or more of their innovation budget on big data in 2013, and more than in one three businesses have failed when attempting a big data initiative.

“It’s not the size of the data that matters, but it’s what you do with it,” Paul Muller, Chief Evangelist at HP Software, told ZDnet. It’s about finding the connections between different data sets to help you improve competitiveness, help you improve efficiency if you are in the public sector, help you to detect fraud pattern. It’s about what you do with the data in that connected intelligence that matters.”

“The HAVEn technology stack delivers proven technologies from HP Software to handle 100 percent of your enterprise data, so you can make the critical transition to connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making,” says HP.

The platform was announced at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas.