HP Launches the ZBook 15, the World’s First Ultrabook Workstation

Although Apple stole the spotlight with the launch of two new iPhones today, other technology companies are releasing innovative new hardware as well.

HP, already the leader in professional workstations, has updated its entire portfolio—new desktops and new displays—as well as announcing what it calls the world’s first ultrabook-class workstation.

HP’s traditional desktop workstations have been updated with Intel’s brand new Ivy Bridge-based Xeon processors and now include Thunderbolt ports. The Z420 ($1,399), Z620 ($1,689) and Z820 ($2,439) will be available in October.

The company also unveiled new 27-inch and 30-inch displays, the latter of which covers 100% of the Adobe RGB Color Space, which will appeal to photographers and graphic artists.

But the biggest news comes on the mobile front: in addition to improved ZBook 15s and 17s, HP announced the ZBook 14, an ultrabook with workstation-level performance. It can be configured with Intel Core i7 processors, Intel HD 4400 Graphics, and up to 1TB of harddrive storage. However, it is missing a couple features that its 15- and 17-inch counterparts possess, such as a Thunderbolt port.

The desktops and ZBook 14 will be available in October.