HTC One X+ a Capable Android Phablet That Won’t Disappoint (Except on Battery Life)

The HTC One X+ is a powerful Android smartphone. But can it live up to the high standards and extensive demands of a tech-savvy teenager?

In short, yes. Aside from a few flaws, the One X+ is a capable device that will satisfy the needs of its target demographic. We battle-tested the device with a male teen to get a fresh perspective on Google’s software and the hardware that runs it.

Spec-wise, the HTC One X+ isn’t lacking. It packs a blazingly fast quad-core processor that clocks in at an insane 1.7 GHz (that could very well trump your laptop, FYI). It also boasts a massive 5.3-inch screen. So it’s big and fast – but as a result, compromises have been made.

The most obvious compromise is battery life. Despite promising up to 50% longer battery life than with previous smartphones, HTC’s device still falls very short on battery life. For example, this smartphone’s fast processor and large screen make it seem built for gaming, but playing games causes the battery to drop like a rock, our tester said.

Battery life aside, the One X+ offers some great perks. Its rear-facing camera can simultaneously shoot HD video and take high-res photos. It runs on LTE networks. It syncs seamlessly with key services like Google and Dropbox. It comes with 64GB of storage standard. And it boasts great cell reception (noticeably clearer than the iPhone, our tester said).

Android has come a long way as an operating system, too. The Play Store is robust, the home screen is highly customizable, and the flow of using the device is finally becoming as intuitive and natural as on iOS. The display also rivals iPhone’s famous Retina screen, our tester affirmed.

Still, it’s not the perfect smartphone. It has a severe lack of case options – one thing iPhones are never in short supply of – and there’s no iMessage or BBM. And of course there remains that pesky battery life, which is something users will have to put up with every single day for the entire duration that they own the device.

In all, our tester described the HTC One X+ as “overall a great phone.” He said it’s “lightning fast, extremely durable, and the design is beautiful.” If you want a large Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III may be the industry’s frontrunner, but don’t overlook this one.

Telus provided Techvibes with the HTC One X+ used for this review.