HTC: We’re Open to Using RIM’s BlackBerry OS

Taiwan’s HTC, which currently manufactures a variety of handsets running Google’s Android platform, has revealed that it is open to the possibility of making smartphones based on Research In Motion’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system.

RIM has stated it’s open to the idea of licensing its next-gen OS, something it never even considered with past iterations. But with the Canadian company in more of a bind than ever before, it’s looking for creative solutions.

HTC, meanwhile, hasn’t experienced nearly as much success with Android as competitor Samsung and is apparently as open minded as RIM. Graham Wheeler, a director of product management for HTC, told Mobile Magazine that “we are not closed to a new operating system.”

HTC is expected to launch a phone running Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 software, a move which the manufacturer called “incredibly exciting.”

It sounds like HTC and RIM haven’t actually talked to each other about a partnership yet. But should RIM decide to license BB10, look for HTC to be an early adopter as both companies attempt to reverse their fortunes.

Photo: TechRadar