HTCE tackles Social Media

The High-Tech Communicator’s Exchange is turning to the Social Media Marketing Playbook for their upcoming January event titled Social Media: A new way to market? HTCE regulars (and Malta residents) Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo won’t be attendance but their eBook called Getting to First Base, A Social Media Marketing Playbook will be and this event will drill down into some of the concepts covered.

Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, myspace … what does the social media revolution mean to marketers and communicators? How is it redefining how we communicate, connect, network and build relationships with customers, stakeholders and even employees? How are companies using social media to increase visibility and build awareness? What are the risks and pitfalls of using social media? And what’s coming next?

This January 28th discussion will be lead by Raincity Studio’s Kris Krug and Social Signal’s Rob Cottingham and they’ll share insights into how social media is evolving, changing the rules and empowering people.