Huh monetizing more than Captions and Cats

Pet Holdings, Inc. has been in the Top 10 on the Techvibes Seattle Startup Index for months and plenty have questioned whether a comedy site called I Can Has Cheezeburger should be considered a business startup. TechFlash’s John Cook sat down with Pet Holdings’ founder Ben Huh recently and it turns out there is a lot more to his expanding empire than just funny cat photos.

When I last caught up with Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger fame, the Internet entrepreneur was overseeing an expanding empire of off-the-wall entertainment Web sites. That unusual collection of cat photos, misspelled signs and motorcycle wreck videos continues to grow and grow and grow. The network of Web sites (operating under the name Pet Holdings) is now attracting five million page views per day, with Huh predicting that the sites will top two billion page views this year.

In addition to monetizing a his current web properties, Huh is testing offline revenue streams and constantly launching new sites. Later this week they’ll be launching a line of plush animal toys and his staff of 11 have been busy building a Twitter-related business (they recently purchased a Finnish site called Twittypic) and experimenting with adding humorous captions to media other than photos.

Be sure to head over to Cook’s post on TechFlash to read what else Huh is working on.