Hyper-Local Sites Keep Popping Up in Vancouver: More

Vancouver Slop is yet another site to emerge on the hyper-local scene and this time it’s for food lovers…there are a lot of hungry people out here in Vancouver.  Slop has also expanded to Toronto and New York City, branding each site, so you know we’ll see future versions soon (hopefully Chicago and LA are on their list). The blog features the city’s best unknown, hidden gem-type of places and “disses the ones that get too much hype.” More focused on the local blogging scene for resources, the quirky posts have big blocky-and-glossy photos and comments for each post.  Once again, it seems this site caters to Vancouverites that are just not getting what they are looking for from other similar sites.  I think my favourite section of the site is the FREE category.  Although it’s not that full, it does list some things going on for free–like Morton’s Thursdays (free sliders and a beer/wine tasting the last Thursday of every month)–that not many people know about in the city.  They’re now also partners with Vancouver is Awesome, expanding the hyper-locality even more. Yet another resource to peruse for inspiration, if you have time.