I Can Stalk U – it’s a very scary thing: A warning about posting photos on Twitter

twitpicYears ago, you needed sharp detective skills to pull off a successful stalking session. Now, your targets will do the work for you.

A website called “I Can Stalk U” reveals precise geotagged locations via tweeted photos. A photo from Twitter is filtered onto the site and translated into stalker info: the digital photograph becomes “I am nearby *exact address here*” or “I am nearby *Google Maps link here.*”

I Can Stalk U isn’t actually a cult for stalkers: it’s designed to raise awareness among users who don’t realize how much data is revealed with geo-tagged updates.

Briefing the site, I must say that it’s much more interesting than my regular Twitter feed. I’m feeling a little omnipotent. And while a picture may be worth a thousand words, it’s not worth appearing on this site—I’ll keep my photo tweets to myself from now on.