Iamoto raises Money & reverses Brain Drain

Seattle Post-Intelligencer VC writer and blogger John Cook reported today that Vancouver, BC-based iamota has completed a seed round of $1 million in funding from seed investors and the management team.

iamota is a Mobile Application Service Provider (MASP) that helps brands, agencies and organizations of all sizes access, interact with and sell to mobile consumers. iamota operates an end-to-end mobile marketing, messaging and payment platform providing access to more than 243 million mobile consumers.

In a company press release, iamoto president, CEO and founder, Pete Smyth announced the funding as well as iamoto’s plans to reclaim Canadian talent that had previously been part of the brain drain south of the border. As an example, iamoto recently hired Mary Lou Hardy as executive vice president, marketing and business development. Hardy was previously the Director of Global Marketing with AOL Mobile’s B2B division in Seattle and brings more than 20 years of wireless and marketing experience along with invaluable insights and relationships in the global mobile industry. That’s what I call brain reclaim.