IBM Lays Off Hundreds in Ottawa, Shopify Recruits Right Outside of Office

IBM this week laid off hundreds of workers in Ottawa. But former IBM employees shouldn’t find it too difficult to get new jobs: local tech startups are hungrily scooping up IBM’s detritus.

The boldest among them is Shopify, who literally set up a recruiting booth outside of IBM’s Ottawa offices.

Quoth the Ottawa Citizen:

After hearing IBM would be handing out termination notices Wednesday, Ottawa online shopping firm Shopify Inc. set up a makeshift hiring booth on the sidewalk along Riverside Drive, just metres from IBM’s front doors, and flagged down passersby to ask if they would be interested in working at the startup. The move was reminiscent of the boom days of the Ottawa technology scene, when such moves were commonplace as companies fought tooth and nail for new talent.

“We are looking to hire 50 people, but we aren’t going to turn away talent,” Harley Finkelstein, chief platform officer at Shopify, told the newspaper. “As long as we get amazing people we will hire them.”

Shopify currently employs more than 200 people in Ottawa. IBM employs over 434,000 worldwide.

Photo: Ottawa Citizen