ICA hosts Eileen Naughton, Director of Digital Media at Google

As the world around us continues to evolve and shift at an unprecedented rate, it’s not a surprise that Eileen Naughton, Director of Media at Google is a pivotal force in this transition. As the traditional business models that we once knew are being challenged, we must take a look at the landscape that surrounds us and ask ourselves where we fit into this mix. Ms. Naughton has had an impressive journey thus far, operating in leadership positions at a number of influential Fortune 500 companies and by the sounds of it, she is just reaching her peak.

Fast forward to today, where Naughton leads the fast growing team of digital media enthusiasts to deliver what she describes as “the best user experience to date,” at Google. According to Naughton, those companies who don’t embrace the changing environment, will be rendered obsolete, a fact that Naughton herself understands to be true across all spectrums.

Naughton believes in creating experiences for customers that are driven by need, not market based imposition. Web is becoming mobile and inherent, and this is not isolated to the developed world. Globally, the phenomenon of self-expression has become vital and it’s becoming a part of our actions and interactions as individuals and aggregators of information and culture.

Ad Women of Toronto and the Institute of Communication Agencies Extraordinary Stories Speaker Series is an exceptional opportunity to network, learn and collaborate with prominent women in the fields of marketing and advertising. This was my first event hosted by this forward thinking organization and will definitely be a resource I tap into to learn from leaders in the field.

Naughton enjoys sitting at the intersection of where science and creativity meet. She believes this is ultimate combination in serial innovating and something that Google understands without question. Of the belief that you must look for sponsors in your work and life and be a sponsor to others – this has no doubt, helped Naughton in the progression and overall picture of her own career.  With the shift in our consumption patterns evolving rapidly, I’m interested to know where Ms. Naughton finds herself next.