IdeaWave brings critical thinkers with diverse experiences together to share

Critical thinkers are key to fostering innovation. That’s why IdeaWave is providing an opportunity for critical thinkers like inventors, investors and philanthropists to engage with each other in a highly interactive conference setting, featuring 50 presentations over two days in Victoria.

The 2011 IdeaWave Conference, February 26–27th, covers all kinds of topics; information technology, the economy, social media, even the B.C. liquor store system. The goal is to foster innovation by bringing different and varied perspectives to the table.

This year’s IdeaWave Confedrence will, for the first time ever, feature scholarship awards for students with presentations of their own. High school, post-secondary and graduate students are invited to submit their idea for a 10-minute talk, and if it is one the five selected, will win a $500 scholarship, a free pass to the conference and two passes for friends or family.

For more information on IdeaWave or to register, click here.