If you have (SQL Server) issues…

I have always had an appreciation for the saying “90% of solving a problem is identifying the problem,” which is why I want to highlight a South Florida company that shares this credo. Pyn Logic, which specializes in database security and performance technologies for SQL server, has recently released Enzo Audit, a development tool that identifies problems with SQL code before it ever hits production.

While there is no shortage of database efficiency products, most of them diagnose performance issues after your code has gone to production. The last place you want to identify a problem is in production. By then, the costs and complexities of solving a problem have exponentially multiplied. And even worse, the embarrassment of not living up to your client’s expectations may cost you even more.

With Enzo Audit, whenever a new piece of code results in poor performing queries, a popup alert warns the developer in real-time. If the developer is unable to solve the issue immediately, Enzo Audit allows events to be saved so that other team members can help with troubleshooting. This sharing mechanism also makes it easy for team leaders to establish more reliable deadlines when it comes to improving performance in SQL code.

Whether you have dozens or hundreds of developers, whether your servers are local or remote, or whether you are moving from development to staging to testing, Enzo Audit allows you to identify problems as quickly as possible so you can solve them as quickly as possible. Herve Roggero, Managing Partner of Pyn Logic, remarks, “This isn’t a new problem, but it’s a new way to monitor it.”

The verdict is out (actually, it has been out): development issues are always better to deal with than production issues. If you agree (and you should), I recommend taking advantage of Enzo Audit’s thirty-day free trial offer for the early detection and tracking of SQL server issues.